Moolala:  Money Made Simple with Bruce Sellery

Changing Other People‘s Minds When It Comes To Money | Full Episode

September 28, 2021

Ways you can help other people make meaningful change with their money. Peter Bregman is the co-author of YOU CAN CHANGE OTHER PEOPLE: The four steps to help your colleagues, employees--even family--up their game. Then, a new app that uses rotational savings, in a group, to help you reach your financial goals and boost your credit. Jonah Chininga, founder and CEO of MICC Financial, tells us how it works. And, what’s being done across Canada to teach kids about financial literacy in schools. Robin Taub, financial writer, speaker and author, tells us about it. Plus, knowing your rights as an investor. Professor Poonam Puri, co-founder and academic director of the Osgoode Investor Protection Clinic, tells us the top 4 things we need to look out for. And, we’ll talk to Kara Perez, co-host of the Fairer Cents podcast.

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Bruce Sellery is a personal finance expert and best-selling author. As the founder of Moolala and the CEO of Credit Canada, Bruce is on a mission to help you get a better handle on your money so you can live the life you want. High energy & low B.S., this is Moolala: Money Made Simple.

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